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- Management

The Marketing Department shall be responsible for designing and organizing the assembly and debugging according to the purchase orders and the engineering department's design and manufacturing requirements.The manufacturing department is responsible for the production of parts.We also select and build deep relationships with outsourcing suppliers with strong manufacturing capabilities.

QA system
In terms of quality control, sets up quality control system compliant with ISO9001:2008, and this system includesfabrication process, quality check regulations, after-sale service and quality feedback, and we produce competitive product in a short time, the main steps are as below:
A. Choose good quality equipment and raw material to check
B. Every part will be carefully checked before delivery, and we never ship out part without excellent performance

C. QA department is responsible for every process quality inspection, and they put one-vote negation system into practice.
Besides, invests large amount of money to purchase equipments and sets up the precision control center to improve fabrication precision of components. The workshop equipped with three-coordinatograph and a series of check-out facility; physics & chemistry laboratory and precision instrument measurement laboratories were set up, we use scientific means to analyze the inspection data, thus can prevent the unqualified products and ensure quality control from raw material to finish product.

In addition to the strict inspection of mechanical parts and purchased parts, everlast, a company selected from internationally renowned brands, also provides a good guarantee for the overall quality of the equipment.


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